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Compact Panel

Compact Panel Colors

Alvic Bernini
Alvic Nuvola 03
Alvic Nuvola 01
Alvic Siena
Alvic Nuvola 02

Product Applications

Product Information

Size: 4200×1620 (mm)

Thickness: 10mm

Compact Panel Contact Form


    Extremely scratch resistant
    Unique qualities that allow it to be applied in places where objects are in constant contact.
    Stain resistance
    Products designed for daily use, resistant to all types of food stains.
    High glossy
    Egepres technology offers extraordinary beauty with its reflection and finishes.
    Long durability
    Quality and durable surfaces created for harsh places.
    Easy cleaning
    Thanks to its high-quality coating, the surfaces are easy to maintain and clean.
    Antibacterial protection
    Protective shield that prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms on the surface.
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    Color stability
    Environmentally friendly
    High quality surface

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