Egepres, Grupo Alvic'in Türkiyedeki Tek Yetkili Distribütörü ve Satıcısıdır.,

End to Handle Troubles!

Thanks to its integrated handle, your handle costs will be reduced to zero and you will have an aesthetic view.

Kulp Derdine Son!

Kendinden kulplu olması sayesinde kulp maliyetleriniz sıfıra inecek ve estetik bir dokunuşla buluşacaksınız.

Welcome to Egepres!

Indispensable for the Furniture Side Industry Sector
Egepres is in a leading position in the furniture side industry sector, offering innovative and quality products to customers.
Innovative Door Technologies
Egepres attracts attention with its firsts in the market, advanced kitchen cabinet doors designs and technologies.
Pioneer of Change in the Industry
By constantly following innovations and developments, Egepres breaks new ground in the industry and prioritizes customer satisfaction.
About us


EGEPRES, which started its operations in 1979 with the production of TV stands, dining and bedroom furniture in a 60 m2 workshop in Karabağlar, Izmir, in 1989, started to produce hotel furniture made of chipboard, melamine faced mdf and laminate in addition to its existing production in its new building with a 1200 m2 closed area in Izmir Kısık Industrial Site and its assembly continued to rise.

In 1998, our company, which focused entirely on furniture side-industry production (kitchen cabinet doors and laminate kitchen countertops) in its new place of 10,200 m2, 6000 m2 of which is closed, located in Pancar neighborhood of Torbalı district of Izmir province, in addition to its sales in the country, also covers our country and in the international market. It has started to represent our sector successfully and has taken its place among the companies that have a say in the market.