Egepres, Grupo Alvic'in Türkiyedeki Tek Yetkili Distribütörü ve Satıcısıdır.,

Our Mission

Egepres aims to provide the highest quality products to its customers with its constantly innovative and advanced technology-based production methods, taking a leading position in the sector.

Based on customer satisfaction, we aim to break new ground in the sector with the firsts we have achieved in the production of acrylic doors and panels. We are committed to enriching our customers' bathrooms and kitchens in terms of aesthetics and functionality and improving their quality of life by approaching our customers with a solution-oriented approach with our innovative designs and quality products. It aims to maintain our existence as a leading and reliable brand in the sector by adapting to constantly developing and changing demands.

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It was established on an area of ​​60m2 in Karabağlar district of Izmir.


It was moved to its new location of 180 m2 to manufacture children's and youth rooms.


It moved to Kısıkköy, which has an area of ​​1,200 m2, to make hotel decorations.


The new postforming line investment started the production of finished kitchen doors.


Softforming line investment was made.


A new factory of 2400 m2, currently 10,000 m2, was established in Pancar.


Worktop and postforming finished doors production started.


The factory building was expanded by another 4800 m2.


A lamination line investment was made for acrylic panels.


Became the Turkish distributor of the Spanish company Grupo ALVIC.


Stepforming (J pull) machine investment was made.


We have reached our production facility with a total area of ​​10,000 m2 open and 6000 m2 closed area.